Sunday, November 28, 2010

Commercial Parodies

People are making a big deal about the SNL TSA commercial. I thought it was pretty funny, but not in the same league as some classic SNL parodies, like 'Oops I crapped my pants', 'Uncle Jemima', and 'ShakeWeight'. On the subject, though, I think these would make great commercial parodies:

1. The scene is focused on a garbage can in a New York City subway. A businessman walks by from the right and drops a half-eaten sandwich into it. A homeless guy scurries in and fishes it out. He takes a big bite, smiles widely at the camera, and flashes a big thumbs-up. The voice-over says "Subway. Eat fresh." (With the whole Subway logo imposed over the screen.)

2. Follow up to last one. Show stock footage of zombies in the subway. One zombie bites into someone's neck. "Subway. Eat flesh."

3. Copy of one of those ad-council commercials decrying the misuse of the word "gay". Two guys are looking at guitars at a store. One says to the other, "How do you like this one?" The other guy says "That's gay." A stereotypical gay guy jumps into the screen and yells in an overly gay way, "You shouldn't say that!"
"Wh-what? What shouldn't we say?"
"Uh! Don't say 'gay' when you don't like something."
"What should we say instead?"
"Just say, 'That's so silly!" or something."
"Yeah, that's just gay." And they walk off.

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