Thursday, October 14, 2010

#2 There's no point to it all. (Oh, and therefore I'm gonna kill myself.)

This is usually presented in a logical argument form as if your school counselor is actually going to submit to your superior reasoning and give you the go-ahead for suicide. The funny thing is, even if someone would agree with your logic, it wouldn't give you any closure because you know you'll feel you just convinced an idiot. What your real issue is, is you feel trapped with no power over your own life. You're uncomfortable saying this because you live in a competitive paradigm and are uneasy showing weakness.
As before (in #1) you need to uncover whatever it is you fear that is making you feel powerless. Interestingly, the fact that you're asking permission to kill your own self betrays how deep this feeling of powerlessness is. On the flip side, you are conflicted. You have an instinctive feel for the falseness of your argument. Like all creatures, your primal instinct is self-preservation. No creature needs to rationalize their own existence to get on with life. You just feel you have no control over and nothing to gain from continuing to exist.

Solution: See #1

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