Friday, October 15, 2010

#5 Addictions

Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work (ok, maybe not the last one so much). We know about addictions, we all saw the videos of drugs' evil addictive chemicals in school. Hmm...Where do doughnuts fit into that?
Addictions start because, if you live in fear, these substances take the edge off (meaning, the anxiety and tension). Alcohol calms the brain. Drugs calm or transport your mind somewhere else. Food is thought to be associated in the brain with validation (as in Dr. Phil's "Food does not equal love", to a gigantic, morbidly obese and green Homer Simpson). Same with with sex. Work is validating if you have low self-esteem and feed off collecting accomplishments and victories to present a one-sided image to others and yourself. Addiction to TV, internet, and video games is based on the alternate realities they allow you to escape into. Your brain (the theory goes) develops a physical dependence on these substances to maintain the level attained initially. Tolerance happens...oh, go look it up somewhere.

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