Friday, October 15, 2010

#6 Crying at TV. And while watching Mary Poppins (with the kids ostensibly).

Hey, some things make everybody cry. But commercials? What's going on?
You're not crying for the kid who falls down and is helped up by his old grandpa in the insurance commercial. You're crying for yourself. You don't think it'll help to cry for yourself, and you've found a way to repress it and go on with your life, but when a starkly presented situation, specifically designed to portray and elicit a certain emotion is thrust into your face - and it's not about you - you have no defenses built up to it. So it gets you thinking, for example, about your lack of love as a child, and those emotions come popping out of that suitcase you packed them into. Yeah, you're an emotional basket case.

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