Friday, December 3, 2010

Attraction: The God Force In Nature


Obligatory God-Discussion Disclaimer: I'm not trying to convince anyone of God, I'm trying to explain my belief in the face of overwhelming public opinion, which claims a basis in science. 

Evolutionary theory posits that existence as we know it was caused by mutation. Complex organisms evolved from simple as a result of many mutations, simple organisms evolved from molecules, molecules from atoms, atoms from sub-atomic particles. But what kept everything moving towards evolution instead of staying at level one, status quo, was movement because of the natural attractions in energy. Evolutionary accidents happened only because of this movement. But what causes these fundamental interactions to exist? What created the existence and nature of energy? These questions can be answered when we assume some "other" thing was the first cause. A thinking cause with a specific will. A cause that created it's creation with an inborn attraction and then forced a separation. Why? Judaism would have us believe that it was created so that an intelligent being (the human kind), by tapping into his innate will, should overcome the Cause-imposed separation and connect itself, and the rest of creation, to itself. This intelligent being overcomes this separation by using matter in divinely mandated ways. By ways only known to the Cause, these actions unite creation i.e. matter/energy (and all other parts of creation, hidden from our perception, but connected to the physical universe).

[As far as I understand, the reason given for this whole exercise, this game, is that God wanted to do good. So, He created a being similar to Himself -similar in all ways besides for not existing off it's own power (since this is impossible by definition, as God is the only existence, and the only possible source of existence. He is the only actual reality.) To compensate for this, He allowed this creation to earn it's right to exist by helping God in this game. This would allow it to exist through it's own efforts. In God's reality, this makes it totally Godlike. (This being is actually part of God, as is all of creation, just that ultimate reality is filtered out from the creations' perception by God Himself. In the created (virtual) reality, this being sees itself as a separate entity- a whole other discussion).]   It's a complex and  phenomenally creative notion, which feels like a fitting way of explaining the complex phenomenon of creation.

Anyhow, have a happy Chanukah!

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