Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silly Psychological Slogans # 1

Let's start with Balducci's. This is one of those upscale not-quite-super markets that cater to well-off suburban professionals (white folks). Their tagline is "Food Lover's Market". Obviously, the layout of the store and the word "market" are directed at the Starbucks-Apple crowd. This particular demographic faces a unique challenge when shopping: How do I consume like a typical American, while simultaneously holding onto my anti-capitalist, socially-conscious views? The answer to this seemingly unsolvable riddle is pretty sweet. Mass self-delusion.

It's pretty silly to think that buying more expensive Green food is somehow less capitalist, but when everyone participates in the delusion, the guilt disappears. No, you're not keeping up class warfare by buying rich man's food to feel superior; you're saving the planet. And those expensive cheeses? They're "artisan" and "organic", which everyone knows means "struggling small-businessman". But what about those imported wines and specialty meats? Well, you're a food connoisseur (a food lover, or even "foodie"). I mean, why shouldn't you enjoy yourself a little? It's imported from Europe, which Lord knows is made up of 90% small farmer socialists. And really, you have a sophisticated palate. So you know that this particular mass-produced item that this chain-store stocks all it's shelves with is infinitely superior to what's on display at ugh, Walmart.

Good for you. There's no reason why a person such as yourself should eat bread with preservatives. That's what the proletariat eat. And they hate food.

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  1. Brilliant post! Spot on with what I've often thought myself. Places like that do bring out a weird tension between the socially conscious and the socially pretentious, don't they? Yet I can certainly understand wanting to buy things that aren't made in sweatshops. It's a tension I've yet to work out for myself, honestly. But well-put. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's felt weird about that sort of thing.


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